Kazingo Tales….1

He stepped out of his one room kazigo with a towel wrapped around his waist while he left his upper body bare. I sat across at the veranda of my own single room slowly washing my few cups and plates. It was a saturday and I was cleaning up. Usually my whole neighbourhood is around the hood on saturday. Everyone seems to be off duty. So Peter crossed over (our bathrooms are across the quadrangle) anyone can see you cross if they are present.  Peter was so skinny OMG i always wondered if he got any food to eat or he was starved. His bones are very protruding u can almost draw his skeleton.  Anyway this particular saturday he had “carried” call it bringing a kyana home. And they had been in doors till 7pm when he stepped out to shower. Few minutes after he had crossed, the kyana came out with a kanga wrapped from her breasts. Covering almost everything since it was easy to draw her shape just with your eyes.

Number 2 whose Kazingo looks exactly into mine was standing in his door way. All over a sudden he shouted “mujje mulabe Peter asitudde”.  almost everyone rushed out apart from number 6- Joel. He normally turns on loud volume as if his house is one of those kiosks that burn music on the road sides so clearly he didn’t hear. They all pretended to be busy outside their verandas as they waited for Peter and his kyana to come out. Now, the bathrooms, are behind my kazigo almost. So as i entered to dry my dishes and place them on the rack and guess what?

Peter and this Kyana were enjoying their baths. She must be from one of those tribes my friends used to make fun of at school. She knew well  how to spice up this thing….Anyway rush out to call number 7. My next door female neighbour. chai! “bulijjo tunyoma ka guy”. first, the kyana is fleshy then this…. Hehe. Munange, kyana was busy asking “baby to rub her back to touch here to touch their and Peter was so in sync…..the kept laughing in between the whispers of this we didn’t get to hear naye nga they seemed happier than number 4 who kept all of us thinking we weren’t good enough because of the way she tagged around her man and cooked meals whose aroma we would smell from the corner of the road.  Anyway we rushed out as I pretended to cook so that we give the second glance to the woman who had Peter send out his little brother……….


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