Kazingo Tales….2

Yes, Peter used to stay with his little Brother then he realised he was burning so he decided to marry and rent his brother another place.

They came out in hand smiling and giggling only to find that the crowd they thought was busy was all over a sudden out doing something or pretending to. The kyana didn’t freak out at all. Slowly they walked across, entered their kazigo and shut the door. I am sure we all knew what was next, to our surprise few minutes later they came out very dressed and madam was going to cook. Her choice of attire wasnt “mothers union, it was the kind that says “after you are satisfied, there’s dessert.” Peter instead went to purchase some things while madam cooked.

Ate did we ever enter our houses, meanwhile its like 8pm we need to watch news some of us but we were busy watching this young couple and trying to gossip. It was a full moon night so I really didn’t mind sitting under a moon lit sky….naye mbeera nkyali awo nga number 5, asombye. Ho!. Now, number 5 carries every weekend and a different girl at that. Number 5-Herbert is one of those body building men. The kind that hit gym every  morning and then play Xbox the whole day and Hit gym again at dawn then returns with kikomando. However, looks nice, smells nice and you wonder what he really does besides picking up girls.

Now, this day he even came driving (naye abakazi tuyina ebizibu) Nanti we think cars mean class and money….basically I also don’t get whats with women and cars. So my guess was he borrowed the car because this particular kyana had maybe refused so he stepped it up. Hahaha. Mbwenu Herbert. Anyway nga ayingiza kintu kye nga we watch. 3 hours later after as i take in my charcoal stove inside, another car parks. It was a golf and the driver had full lights directly on my behind. Now, i hate this foolishness. I begin to howl insults “musilu kki ono ankubamu amatala, okwata nsenene with those lights?.” An old woman , looking like she was her late 40s stepped out. A red lip, Red heel. The kind of women that refuse to grow old. Walks towards my Kazigo. I stand arms akimbo waiting to assure her (but i was taught better at talking to elders).

“Am so sorry madam she said.” Immediately I found a new place for my arms and told her it was okay but rude. “I am looking for a guy name Herbert.” She added. I almost asked if she was the mother but i swallowed and pointed to the kazigo. Least did i know she was the sugar mummy…….

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