Kazingo Tales….3

She looked very responsible as she walked away from me. I stayed long to see and confirm that she was the mother. She knocks at the door and the young kyana Opens up. “How can we help you?” she arrogantly asks. The madam asks to see Herbert and he steps to the door. All the woman said was “car keys”. Chai! I entered and switched off my inside light and went tp the window. I could see Herbert kneeling to apologise and the young kyana puzzled and arguing. Then later the young Kyana leaves. The madam drove away however she left the car. I went to sleep. Sunday morning as i prep for church Herbert comes to my door. “how dumb are you? couldn’t you tell babe am not in?” Me now puzzled. “beera mu class. oyo omukyala yambesawo.” I wasnt sure whether to say sorry or be sorry. So i tell him. “well maybe if u had briefed me earlier and showed me pictures and told me your stand, i would have known better and next time u ask if am dumb, i will show you and you decide.” He apologizes and explains. Now, i was running late for church so i tell him and i go in and pick my bible and bag and off i went.

Ngenda Okudda okuva ku church nga police is parked and there was a crowd. i find my way through to my veranda even before i ask. I see Number 1. Mutyaba nga mubbi bulijjo! so i ask my neighbour who was seated up at the rails that define her veranda. What happened i inquire. Aha Mutyaba gwe yabye lero…she says carelessly. So he stole oba what and they tracked him down. Apparently he has been on wanted list for long. She added. Mutyaba had been beaten that his face was too swollen to see his eyes. He is that one guy we never see. he works at nigh he used to say rest of the day time he is sleeping or smoking weed. He has few words so at most he only says hi. Luckily he had never robbed any of us. He was beaten but later police took him away. They asked the landlord if he had any arrears and no, he had no debt. he always paid in time. So just like that he was gone.

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