Kazingo Tales….4

So the week went by with all that drama and Monday was here. We all needed to be at work. When i returned in the evening my female neighbour was mopping. Her bum raised to the sky and her yellow thighs out. She had folded her skirt over so that it didnt get wet. Her long silky hair puffed into a messy burn. She turned and welcomed me, i responded. As i open my door i tell her “Is it because everyone is away that you have decided to mop naked? we laughed about it and i moved into my house. Threw my shoes off, poured myself some juice, picked up my tv remote and smart phone. I wasn’t planning on cooking and boo, wanted to pass by.  I called my boda guy and ordered some toninyira food to be brought.

As i waited for boo, i love to sit at my veranda and watch the world or sip some wine in silence. nga doesnt my neigbour start conversation. I turn to face her over the rails that separate our space. “Did you know Joel, (oli number 6) isnt gay?”. I have never thought of him as gay but i couldnt say that, i wanted to see where the story leads. How did you know, i ask. “Anti omanyi bulijjo mwepikira. So i decided to trap him. “(meanwhile the whole time she was mopping, he was in his window peeping). Anyway, i pull my chair close. I even was tempted to stand up and listen in properly. “So nayiseyo anti nange sigwayo. Guy ali clear nyo. Omwo mwakubira music, he has something smart down there.” she added.

Luno silwa kugwa. So this yellow girl had trapped the guy into sleeping with him he…..”any way, while i was leaving i realised he is a collector for girls knickers. Dude has been pounding different babes.” So, i ask her when he ever brings them. Tubera twebase oba…? “Even me i dont know. But yes, i wasnt the first girl he has laid. If you think Herbert Carries, Joel has a master key.” She narrated with ease and excitement. I kept wondering why she even was excited. So i ask, ebintu abitegera? and before she could answer…Boo, Bae whichever it is shows up and our gossip is cut argghhhh…..

I wear a smile, hello boo……

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