kazingo tales….5

Friends for benefit, My neighbour and Joel.

Day after boo bae (whatever the case) left. I was back to the story. Only that this time round Faith (how names lie) My neighbour had officially become Joel’s benefit friend. Joel had been “hitting it” since then. So the story had taken another turn. They hadn’t just given each other some, they were now sharing the bill. I don’t know whose food tasted better but all I know a times, he would sleep at hers. Seemed like all his dishes no longer tasted like Faith. So faith became the main dish.

So she tells me how it unfolded…”munange from that day, he has been eating at mine. I think the food tasted good so he decided to stick to this menu for now. But he is good and he says he liked spiced food and you know I love spices. So i cook with my heart. He is a very nice guy but that’s all we can ever be.” Now, i was puzzled. I thought they were getting serious.’How do you mean thats all…”. ” I just like eating but i never want the same food for months my dear and i don’t know if he can keep up with the heat and the appetite.” My jaw dropped. ‘Suppose he does?’ Then nga nsigala naye ebya commitment sili sure…njagala Sente. He has some dime but can he sustain…Tubera tukyanyumya nga siwuyo….Joel. He says hi, smiles and enters. I quickly said bye and entered my house because i knew what was next.

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