Kazigo tales….6

Number 2-Joseph Only knows how to shout. the whole neighbourhood emubanja. He has borrowed even from the shops. We don’t even know what he does for a living. He might be like Mutyaba now the late/Ex convict. Number 4-Namata, a girl that we hardly see. we dont even know why she pays rent. She only comes to change clothes, shower and go. She is almost not a neighbour but Joseph had also borrowed from her. Namata nga akonkona Joseph. Nga Joseph afuluma. She had miraculously been already whole day and in the evening she was preparing her dinner when Faith came out complaining “ani atuwunyiriza mukene” and Namata had assured her how she Just doesn’t beat foolish girls but disciplines them.

So, she knocks and Joseph opens. She demands that he pays her and I think her responds the wrong way Jamani! The girl blew and everyone even neighbouring district occupants came. Now that was a problem, Dude owed the whole country everyone started.Nange, nange, nange….If he had attempted to lock his door, they were breaking it. I come out of my house and ask nalongo from the retail shop narrated. So i go and intervene and he tells me his side of the story so we agree that he goes looks for money and at least pays the simple debts. Guy locked his house and till this day i have never seen him. naye bavuma nze…….

Meanwhile Namata has been around since then and the new fight is about Joel. Faith thinks Namata seduces Joel. Truth is Namata…Atukula! Faith is to a vitz as Namata is to a benz….Naye oba what happened? I will wait for Herbert since he is a stay home Xbox player he might have some info

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