Kazigo Tales….

Tuba tuli awo twebase it’s about 1:30am and we hear a woman weeping. Peter was beating his kyana..(indeed never underestimate power of a small man.) They fought till woman ran out to the quadrangle. The village Drunko was already in place Screaming lwaki okuba omukazzi? we all came out wrapped in kangas and night gowns just to make sure peace reigned. Luckily the Counsellor is near by they called her and the kyana spent the night at her house. It’s now like 2:30 am and we have gone back and just when the sleep had started to sink in…Footsteps banging……tu tu lululu……Jeez (emizingo gyino gintamye.) We are up again and guess who they got as the thief? The Drunko. The chairman is invited and we all had to defend the Drunko because the mob from the next village almost killed him. Naye Azunga nyo eh!.

I had work the next day yet my sleep was interrupted whole night. I sadly get up and while am locking to leave for work, a lorry packs. Mutyaba was back! (is police this reckless? They can’t keep a thief for a month? Dude had come to shift.

Me:Banage Mutyaba Kulikayo?

Him:……..Landlord yazeko?

Me: Goodbye.  I mean I am greeting you ate ombuzza landlord. Mukubire essimu……

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