Kazingo Tales….end

Two weeks, down, a new tenant signs in. He had a grand entrance. After the track had offloaded his things, he didn’t arrange, he pulled out his oba weed and was on it with his kyana. Now this Dude we will call Chimney. Chimney replaced mutyaba (oba this particular room is cursed?).

He came in on friday night, smoked his house out probably as a ritual to chase demons.(those ar my words).  Well, On sato, chimney and his girl spent the day organising while the rest of use were going about our personal things and cleaning. He wore his hair in dreads held back in one puff. His girl with dreads too. They looked like artists(don’t ask me which kind.) After cleaning, he was back to his “blunt” as she cooked. Sunday morning was the same for some of us. Then monday morning, as i left for work, so was chimney. He wore a long-sleeved white shirt and damaged jeans, his hair still held back, a backpack and helmet in his other hand. (Never judge a book…they say).  I walked past him and he murmured a good morning.

Evening as I cooked, Chimney returned on a bike, his madam had been indoors whole time so we didn’t see much of her. He waved in greeting and entered his house. So anyway after a few weeks, we learnt that chimney wasnt an artist, he worked with an agricultural company, his bosses were mainly white it’s why he spoke less Luganda, His real name wasnt Chimney, he was called Joe and his madam was called Stacey. Besides smoking, He loved his silence, loved to play the bass as a pass time but also played the bass at his church every time he was available. he over travelled and living downtown wasnt a problem. he was cool. Finally we had someone not as silly as the rest and personally i had someone i could hold sensible conversation with once in a while. He was like the calmer of the storm in these Buzigo. Stacey was oddly quiet. She was a secretary at an international school. They were very okay people.

Six months down,It was time for me to Shift…..

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