The Man with whom i share my Bed(1)

He woke up stretching, I was standing by the bed, leaning against the bar that holds the mosquito net up and staring down at him. He said Good morning and i responded with a sly smile. ‘Slept well i can see’…i said starting to walk towards the bathroom. and your breakfast is ready, i banged the door and turned on the shower.

I unwrapped my rob and felt the temperature with my fingers just before I stood under the shower. I Just wanted to sit under it for a while but i knew i wasnt alone anymore and he would ask what was keeping me long. I let the water slowly kiss and run over my skin. Thoughts of last night came flashing back. They just couldn’t go away. I scrubbed my body like i had been defiled. Is this what virginity at 30 smells like? It had hurt. I did scream, lucky enough our house stands alone so i didn’t have neighbours that would come knocking at my door to check for a problem.

He had been so tender with me but it still hurt. He had drawn the curves of my body like he was sketching out his next art piece. The ambiance was good. Dave koz playing softly (i mean my mourns call the noise kept hitting higher than the jazz). He softly caressed my nipples (i had never seen them that hard) Where did he even learnt all this from. How many other women has he sketched out like this. He had kissed and breathed against my neck. He had in fact left a Hickey(i saw it this morning when i got up to prepare breakfast). He buried his head in-between my legs and i recall pleading that he switched off the lights. I was shy he was sniffing and licking my NIN. I was out of breath and could not even say the word stop without spelling it..S..T..O…O…P… But he didn’t, he kept going till my legs started to tremble like a breeze of cold air had brushed quickly against my skin. He was back to my face, rubbing and kissing my lips, he dived into my breasts. I wanted to call for help….But i have avoided this way too long it had to happen ne way or another

I looked down at my fingers and their it was. The golden wedding band i got the last week. It was shinning. I quickly cleansed my body and grabbed my towel and moved out of the bathroom. He was standing completely naked searching the tv channels(was this how everyday was going to turn out?) That was a long shower he said….Let me also go in then come and see what we have today….I nodded while I pulled out the stool at my dressing table(my Senga had gifted me with this on the eve of my Traditional wedding). Their he was in a few seconds…out of the shower naked stood the man with whom am going to share my bed forever….


8 thoughts on “The Man with whom i share my Bed(1)

    1. Wait a min! You guys think i would be married and not write my own vows here or atleast share a blogpost about the wedding (as much as i would deeply think of that)
      Well, i wrote these while i headed home from work. Just from one Random thought/line hahaha


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