The Man with Whom i Share my Bed (2)

How do you want to be loved Today?

He said as he looked through the drawers for where i relocated his underwears. “they are on the upper side on your left”. I said as i slipped on my pair of black jeans. “How do you want to be loved today?” he asked again and i wasnt sure what he meant. ‘Well, i could use a movie, icecream and some good food’. I said. “very well then, since we are keeping indoors today again, i will order all of that in.” i didn argue. Either way, we didnt have any food in the house. But then, he added “Why are you over dressed?” Well, i thought today we would step out. ” no my love, he said drawing close. Maybe tomorrow.

I took off my jeans and pulled out a kanga. Either way i love to wear these wraps when am home. Clothes feel too hot. Only that this time round its a new home and just two people occupying it. I knew i had to losen up with time because am going to live like this forever. He went to the living room and i over heard him ask the Boda guy to pick up some movies and food and the icecream. (somehow i found myself following him around the house). We sat down together in the living room. His hand over my shoulder and my head against his bare chest. I had known this man for four years. He was my friend besides everything that went on last night(i am still shy). “i cant wait to spend eternity with you.” he said kissing my forehead. ‘Lets start with forever, eternity seems wide’ we both laughed then silence fell. We sat staring at blankly at the tv we all refused to turn on. All over a sudden he said. “i know we should have babies but not now”. We had discussed this way before and i wonder why he had to say it now after last night. “Tomorrow we should go to a clinic that does family planning and see how to enjoy this first year of our marriage just ourselves.” I like the idea but maybe i needed last night so that i dont feel embarrased at the clinic. He is a doctor, he could do it himself but he wanted to give me the chance of learning and understanding a few things since it was my body and i liked how much he considered me. Well our Child talk was interrupted by the boda guy’s knock at the gate. So we didnt get to agree on the names because i had to attend to the gate.

Mugole(bride) he said with an excited face Tusanyuse okulaba(we are glad to have you)…Am going to choke from this shyness soon. Kale…i said with a smile. He handed me the package and started his bike to leave. I stood at the gate so that i could close before i go  back in after he has left (the gate man only works night) Twagala balongo (we want twins) he said as he drove away….Now the demand for babies begins i thought aloud….

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