Bride&Groom Expo 2017


So, it was the Bride&groom expo this weekend and me and mine attended. Got to visit the stalls, take pictures and witness the winners for the 80m wedding (all expenses paid for). Speaking of the 80million, i didnt find one thing fair. The first person they read was meant to win and because niether of them was present, they made another pick (i was happy for the winners) i just thought they should have followed up the first pick with a call. But thats only my opinion. Flavia Namulindwa made an amazing MC though at some point it felt like a “kimeza” those street religion holy books battle things when Siima came up and Flavia was kinda interpreting/Translating whatever Siima said to the local language. Teh local language was perfect here for this day i think. Congs to all the winners that includes the bext stalls and the all paid for expense wedding and the Roundbob guys. Good job. The Runway models especially Darling and the Indian shop (i missed the name, great pieces, good work.

Back to the stalls. Flex impressions, How did you come up with the idea of the floating stage? Brilliant!, Cake studio, that Gown like cake made me rethink all the ones i see on Tv and hate. Penny Bridals, lovely gowns. Olga make up, i saw you in some corner busy as well, Events guru, good customer service(if thats what its called) at the stalls. I cant make mentions of all exihibitors but this year round you all out did yourselves on presentation. The Vision group, great job. Maddox And Nwagi those performance left us begging for more. Well, i will share few pictures here


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