The man with whom i share my Bed (5)

The woman with whom I shared my husband.

We went home after church and I made no mention of the phone call. I sent Frida a text of where to meet up and time the next day. After work, i drove straight to our agreed spot. She knew me (i mean she had seen the wedding pictures). So when she arrived she came straight to the table that i was at. with her baby on a stroller ahead of her, i didn’t have to ask twice after looking at the boy. He was an exact print of my husband. I received her, shook hands and sat down. She pulled her baby closer in between the space so we both had good view of him. I called the waitress (i surely needed some frozen yoghurt) There was no way it was going down on water.

“I am sorry I had to come out now. This little one is called Nelson Sendagire” (i almost asked how he got the name but i didn’t want to interrupt.) she smiled saying the name. She was 5’4ft slightly smaller than i was. Her manicure neatly done. She wore her hair in box braids, had her lips neatly painted red and her eyebrows drawn. As if she had passed by the saloon ahead of the meeting. She wore Blue round dress and sandals. I looked down at myself in my office pants and my shirt not so neatly tucked (i was fine especially because of my new status). ‘so what happened? i asked (i wanted to know and same time was afraid).  “well, we had known each other before but this one night at the party while his friends sent him off into marriage we got together (i didnt want details. i wondered if they have been together since). I conceived that night told him and him denied. I decided to raise the boy alone and along the way he sent in support whenever but last i called was because he had agreed to give me money for the medical bills. I asked him to insure the child so i don’t have to bother him but he refused. So, i have been low on money and i needed to have him treated and each time i called he switched off so i figured you could be together. I got your number from the chairman of the wedding.

My head was now spinning, i wasnt hungry or angry i wasnt even sure what to feel. I told her about how he had denied having the child. I picked up my wallet, gave her some money told her to put it to good use and stay in touch till i figured out a plan. I went home to my Husband and everything stayed normal. Two days down, i asked Freda to meet me up at the same spot, this time with my sister-in-law. I told neither of them But soon as Freda arrived, they recognised each other…Its then that i knew the husband with whom i share my bed is also a liar….

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