The man with whom i share my bed (6)

Sandra knew the lady

I see you already know each other so we wont need any introductions. So Sandra (my sister-in-law) please tell me what is going on.

“Well, I know she has our child but Sendagire Denied and refused to have anything to do with her. I confirmed he was ours so I kept in touch with Freda.” (he offered help, denied baby…which is which).And no one found it right to tell me about this before the wedding? “sis (she fondly called me) that wasn’t my place. I hoped he would have spoken to you but am sorry you found out this way.” Now i knew that i wasnt going to cook alone”. I went home after the meeting and told my husband to open up an account for our children. That included Nelson, the one i was carrying and the future. He gladly agreed so i prepared the paper work and when he saw Nelson’s name he almost choked. “since you refused responsiblity let me take it up.” i said. I was a virgin at 30 but not stupid. It was a choice i made but that didn’t mean that am dumb. At this point i knew my sweet marriage had a loophole and i was willing to drive past it until i found out. I have not just a step child, but a number of women that have slept with my husband, that he had been fired the night i told him i was pregnant for sleeping with one of the clients……i held unto the marriage, prayed and did everything i was told while i was being prepared for marriage. I was told about divorce. Glad my baby girl Noella came out fine. I put to birth amidst all the heartache and we stayed living as a family, with a string detached but we survived…..

The man with whom I share my bed is dead

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