Ntv Style Project

What was the idea about?

Besides it being cliche,am thinking you wanted a different version but almost similar to E fashion police. What is this?. While Sylvia Owori was still a team I think it was bearable. It was entertaining but if you know the fall after you Brought Sheila, Bettina and Tazibone together hmm. (Okay Tazibone might be struggling but he has and idea) now you the rest, you still needed them on tv but didn’t know where to place them or?

This team is confused,dead. They know how to dress and put their wardrobes together but not to critic Fashion. We have better analysts(ask me for these next time i know a few). Am not beefing because I do follow Bettina on instagram (i mean she has a well-managed page, only professional photos up and quotes on life then its very organised and she has pics taken from Maldives i mean no beef but I think Uganda has better people for this Show (unless you can’t afford them.)

Sheila one day was dissing the flowery embroidery that she was wearing herself on the show that day. Does she stammer in real life? She speaks like she is very unsure of what she is communicating eish. Anyway someone would ask “what do I know?” so let me keep what i know to myself and go watch News. Since am not the only one that is complaining.

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