She spoke like their was music on her tongue

walked like she was moving on air

like her feet didn’t touch the ground

she was like a quiet symphony

Her father’s song

His heart sang each time he laid eyes on her

She was the song of her father’s soul

He liked the look of wild-fire in her eyes

She made all the maidens envy her

And all the men lust after her.


They sat down under the moon

talked about the good time and laughed

she told her about him,

he looked up the stars when he smiled

She was leaving for marriage

And in the morning,

the elderly women had prepared her

and when the time was ripe,

she walked towards her father,

Her Kanga beautifully wrapped

and her waist beads beautifully drapped around her waist

He kissed her fervently and handed her to her groom

she left for her marital home

she knew he would be lonely

but also her time was ripe

she wasnt wrong,

his spirit  died within him the day she left.



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