He looked at me with those eyes that read through into the soul, I felt naked yet clothed. My eyes dropped just to hide everything else. He lifted my face again, my chin held into his fingers when I say I love you I do not mean only your eyes, when i say i want you, i do not mean just you. I want the whole package so your demons can come too. Hey! Hail mary full of grace! I wont survive this one. It had been two and half years of what I would call loving myself and now, Chai! Jesus Christ on a bicycle! Well, I said yes. Now the dating started formally.We went out to dinner dates every fortnight, I never missed his performance besides being a supportive girl, i love band. He held my hand in public which also taught me to get out of my comfort zone because PDA was never my thing. He kissed my forehead at every chance he got(this till this day sends chills down my spine)

He took his time, nights we spent together made me fall more in love. I was his guitar and he was my maestro. He strummed my boobs and my mourns played the tune. The way he handles my need at that point I am as delicate as his guitar, like his life depends on it and every note,breath counts. I think he has played his guitor so long that he has mastered the notes by heart and they cease to just be notes. He became my world and home and in out small space live like we are on an island. He still looks at me like on the day he asked me to be his girl friend, his kisses still make the little girl cheer “go on…” and from That day nothing has changed. He proved my demons wrong,tucked away my fears and made me comfortable. now i know its okay to fall that quick because, i am more than sure he is the one. He redefined love for me.

Last summer he painted a portrait of me, (I didn’t know he was an artist till that day). We were away for our vacation and while i over slept due to the travel tire and night duties, i got up and painted, i was asleep but its the most beautiful piece i have ever seen. Do not say i am over exaggerating my lover, he is too exaggerated even for me. he is more than i asked God for. So, i woke up and he signaled me not to move, i lay their staring at him, his chest bare and i imagining if i would still be able to trace his abs in the next couple of years. We had been dating now for a year and he still adored me like that night. i wondered if it will be so when my face is old with wrinkle and my flat stomach as lost its shape to childbearing, while he still kiss me with a burning passion and hold my hand in public or he will be ashamed. Will i still be so attracted to him or he will cease to be the air that i breath? But, just as he was finished, i tucked my thoughts away and got up from bed my slim boy out and bare i wasnt afraid of being naked before him and my muscles were still young and intact). I walked over and kissed him and held unto him for so long and whispered if I was asked what i live for in this world, the answer would be you because right now i feel like the rest of it doesn’t exist.


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