Display thy breasts, my Pearl, there let me

Behold that circummortal innocence

Between those glories my tongue will camp

Causing goosebumps to rain down your hands

And my kisses will send shivers down your spine.

Display thy garden,my pearl, let me

Pluck petals of your withering purity

Between those legs, my roses will blossom

And my tenderness will weaken your nervous system.

thy eyes as beautiful as the moon

The twinkle they make when you smile

Love resonates in the sweetness of your moans
My pearl,

Her breast stand erect on her chest like two twin towers

Yet they fit into my palms

There, let me, my pearl

Suck every nectar within

She stands as she breathes helplessly

My touch and kisses send fire into her body

He hands helplessly give away

Between the glories of thy legs I will lay tonite.

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