I had been called a fool for falling in love to fast, I complained until i agreed. If foolishness got me this then i never want to sober up. I mean with a man who smells as fresh as the air at the golf course field in the morning, that pampering, good sense of humour and loves like Goma on commandment , who wouldn’t want to stay foolish. I was told it wouldnt last even a month and yet we are just at forever. I lost some friends for being too quick, but why would i keep pretending and buying time to say yes to a man i had fallen for? And my being too quick has turned my story into a mills and boons and i love it.

Two years of dating down and while I wasn’t complaining,he went to see my dad. he had dropped me off several times and i had mentioned him a couple of times while having girl talk with my mother, He went to ask for a blessing (i don’t know why he didn’t ask me first but i guess he already knew i would say yes). My dad told him he would ask me so he came back and He proposed Huray!. It was nothing like stopping the band but it was band in its own way because we got a lot of hooting from car drivers that felt late. He stopped traffic for just a minute while we drove home he packed in the road and double indicated went over to the traffic guy and told him he just need one minute of the road, right there he was on his knee, i said yes and we drove home where he had hired a chef and a table arranged for two. I wasnt just excited i was over the moon even the next day when i told the girls its like it had just happened. My excitement was cut short however when i called my mother to tell her and she said ‘am happy for you girl but your brothers don’t think he is the best partner‘ Oh yeah I went home, asked all of them who was to live with him and why? And they said, artists are never serious and its soon for you. excuse you!. Well I told them since they wont allow me leave the admirable way, the way i dreamt of doing it, as long as my parents agree, am gone. I went back to my “world” we talked about it and agreed to give it time. Meanwhile, i my routine didn’t change.

One year down and they still didn’t agree, I eloped!

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