Never be too quick to judge

We understood each other,I was happy but whichever way everyone else chose to interpret it, they were and still are entitled to their opinion. But instead of having brothers hanging themselves before it happens, elope and see if they will and they didn’t. So we didnt get the wedding we dreamed of but are married and very happy just like we were in the beginning. Yes, he didnt change the way he looked at me, he just loved me more everyday. We didnt rush into getting babies we had a whole year until our first-born. You could say, things begun to change but sorry to prove you wrong, the love grew deeper and deeper and Soon she was born. We adored her very much. We started out at the country side and now are a family. Our son came two years after our first child, we still travel for vacations. I still sit out in the crowd and cheer my man while he plays.

I had been told it wouldn’t last, he was just a smart chap and i almost believed them by the way. But today i sit across the room and its been seven good years. (I still love to write each year i write him a letter and keep it safe some where one day he will find them and read them). It’s very cold outside,the children are away for the weekend, their jajja took them. I sit at the hearth in my rocking chair, a shrug over my shoulders and stockings on my feet. I sit with my notepad and a pen and stare at the man i was called fool for, he is trying to strum a new song. His beautiful legs revealed. His beard not groomed but he is still as handsome as the first time i saw him, his eyes havent lost the shine neither have his fingers lost the touch. His voice still soothing and calm but now also a bit aged . I get my notepad to my laps and start to scribble…

Dear world…..



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