Dear world,

You have never known why I call you world in all the ink i put together, well, you brought life to me and gave me my world back. Its been seven beautiful years and you have not changed the way you look at me and my stomach still makes that weird rotation when you kiss me. All the love i had tucked away went to you.

Thank you for being true to your word, you have kept my hear safer than I would or even will ever keep it. I tend to think i am a little bit reckless when it comes to hiding things. I never know what can easily be found. Thank you for keeping me on this love drug, maybe i would be lost now or to high from all the intoxication. I love the way you love me and make me feel. I still feel young even when i can’t rock those shorts anymore because childbirth improved all my love handles but i also appreciate the fact that when you chose to love me, it was unconditional. With or without limbs, with or without siblings you have stayed true. Thank you for loving our children and still not making me feel like we are sharing. I cant thank God enough for the blessing you have been. They said, love heals all wounds and the way you have loved me and my family has brought a reconciliation and an acceptance.You didnt try push your way through their hearts but still won them over.

We have heard our dose of fights but thank you for teaching me the basics never go to be angry. Today I look far back and see how close God has brought us and i am positive i made the rightest of choices. I chose you then and i still choose you everyday. We begun with Forever but allow me say, for eternity.

I love you always

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