#UgBlogWeek Day 1 : Digital Manslaughter

well, this story was started by Joel B Ntwatwa  you can begin here.

He stepped up front and the policeman placed cuffs on his writs while the other walked in to pick up his laptop and tab that were lying at the coffee table. He walked into the bathroom where Jo Netu had been few minutes before he came out and sadly the phone didn’t go down as he had expected. Police officer 2 gladly wore his gloves picked it up and placed it in a polythene that he had pulled out of his pocket and walked out without a word.

The Police car drove off and the sirens were turned on to get way through traffic. Netu kept biting on his nails now that his mind was blank. He was satisfied that their would be no evidence because he trusted hacker. At arrival to the police station, the commander-in-chief shouted “toa viatu” His knees begun to weaken. ‘Didnt you here me? i said take off your shoes!’ He quickly stepped out of them and walked to the corner of the room. “i wont say anything until you allow me a lawyer.” He stammered and the Commander laughed.

Police officer Number 2 pulled out the Phone and signaled the officer at the counter to take it to the IT Officer. Netu started to panic. how did he get it. Maybe hacker has already done the job

The IT officer dried it and in a few hours the message sent to hacker was read

Netu: Wipe everything off my gadgets Asap

but the text to hacker hadn’t gone therefore it was unread…


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