Is it okay to be the one that loves more?



I kenat keep calm, Is my Birth Month!!!

Henewe. Last year, same month. I had #questions that I was asking on Facebook. I don’t recall responding to any but some people did share their ideas. This yea i shall respond and i shall start with the 5th  question.

Mostly, they said its okay. Some went ahead to say if you aint the guy in the equation. Another said those that usually love more get hurt more….Love is a commitment and at least should be respected.

well, one response got me thinking. This gentleman said “Col.3.23. Whatever you do,work at it with all your heart as working for the lord,not for human masters…basically you do your work and let others do theirs..if love is what you have in your heart, do it to your best”.

I agree with all this and this is what I have to say. Love is unconditional, It doesn’t matter who loves more or less. Give and give and give until you can give. Going by the holy book, If Christ had thought of who loves more or less, Calvary would have never covered a pinch of anything. Love even when its hardest to love. Love when it snows, love when it shines. Love without expecting anything return. Love like your whole life depends on it and never walk out regretting you didn’t love much or loved less. Give it your best. Do it to the best of your potential.

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