What do you think heaven looks like?

Well, this was the most interesting question of the week. I liked/loved the answers.

On Facebook, One person took me back to the bible. He said, “The kingdom of heaven is inside you…so heaven looks as clean, dirty, beautiful,ugly as ones mind.” This had never crossed my min but then i thought, some people’s heaven will be too dirty. He told me common people (not sure who is common) call that hell.

One of my girls says its white and gold like her wedding will be. (i keep puting these colours together to see the glamour)

I have never dreamt of what heaven looks like,like some people have. This isnt something i could say i ever imagined as a child. Even when i studied my bible the visual was  omitted. Even when i watch the movies about heaven i never have had a visual but recently i was reading something online. The writer said she had visited heaven more than once. Sometimes she dosed off in the taxi. Her story was alittle bit different from a couple of others i had read. She had seen the angels that envied her because they didnt have priveledge like she did. She had seen the throne of Gold and the son shinning like the sun that you could hardly see the face. She spoke of the gold gates and the white, the worship, The book of life. But what caught me, she said everyone in heaven wears a clog of humility. This particular blog (read here)has too many of those stories, but as for me, Am still waiting for my turn before i can imagine. But if its to Think, i still have also failed to create this thought

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