The Limit

At one time we had the youngest MP. At 19 years of age we were comfortable with Alengot making decisions on our behalf. We said she was young and fresh. (by the way, where is she?) Right now we are debating on the Age limit. Being 80, doesn’t render anyone incapable unless they are on their death-bed.

In 2005, the law makers removed term limit. They all agreed. Do you think its wise to debate the age limit without resolving the Age limit? That could mean when I clock 70, i can train my child so we head into a hereditary government. Are we fighting an individual or fighting for our country? Are we just selfish and blinded because we feel tired of the same leadership? Have we voted any one outside NRM (in Kampala, it has never won okay. )But the villages. How do you tell my grandmother Makerere isn’t the only university? Even if you repeated Cavendish 20 times, she will tell the neighbours you are in Makerere.

What am I trying to say, The legislative should first go back to the term limit then can debate the Age limit. And There’s a lot more to be discussed and amended that has been ignored. Henewe what do i know?

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