She sat in the same corner every night. Her lips red and her outfit always turning heads. She ordered drinks and pulled out her phone every other night like she was waiting on someone to join her.

Joe sat across her at the counter every other day. He came by himself and simply found it right to always turn his chair, lean against the counter and gaze at her. The first night he was caught by her sly smile over something she was reading on her phone. Second say she kept staring down at it like she was expecting a call anytime. He kept coming back  hoping to see her after then. She saw him gaze at her every night but she was quick to retreat her eyes each time he raised his.

Friday last week he didn’t come. She felt so lonely, wondering what had happened to him, She went over to the counter and asked the bar man about him. “I don’t know his name  neither do i have his contact. I am not sure why he isn’t here today”.  Thank you she said and went back to her corner, pulled out her phone and scrolled through the gallery. She had taken pictures of him without him noticing on some of those nights. She went into her notes and wrote ‘its been three weeks, and i noticed his eyes first time. They looked tired yet still beautiful.’

He came back the next day and as he ordered his drink the bar man whispered something to him before she came in. He ordered for her a glass of captain Morgan and slipped his business card over to the bar man. When she arrived, she first looked at the counter and saw him. He was facing the counter today, looking down at his glass of Jameson. Her heart smiled as she walked past him to her corner. Hardly had she sat, than the bar man came over with her glass. “he has paid for it.” he said sliding the business card over. ‘Thank you,’ she said. the bar man left.

she pulled out her phone and opened her Messages, happened new, copied the number off the business card and typed. ‘Sitting all by yourself could have been the reason you didn’t turn up last friday, care to join?’ she tapped send.  his phone beeped. He opened the message from the unknown sender and soon as he read it. He turned his head, looked at her, turned back, ordered another glass and got up.

she stood up to receive him.  “hi Joe, Am Ella”. Beautiful name, thank you for inviting me over. He said as he sat down besides her. For the first time since he saw her, she kept her phone away and shifted all his attention to him. “so what brings you here every night all alone?” She asked.  His head slightly bowed he said, “to numb the pain in this class of Jameson (staring down at it) A heart for Rent and now a beautiful lady (he raised his eyes towards her and she blushed).

she quickly turned away because she had seen her face betraying her mind. “well, what brings you here every other day. The bar man mentioned how you have been coming here alone for almost two months.” he said.  ‘A heart for rent, Empty apartment and I need to feel alive but am willing to wait.’ Her heart skipped before She could even finish because it knew how empty she was. They sat down and talked about heartbreak and past experiences and neither of them noticed how fast time had travelled. It was 3am, they both had work. They left and Joe walked her to her car. “will you be coming again tomorrow?” she asked. ‘sure’ he said. Will you keep me a seat besides you again?. She nodded as she got into her car. see you tomorrow….

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