Heart For Rent 2

img_2011She came early today, dressed to impress, in her orange flared pants and brown croptop. ordered drinks for both of them, a captain Morgan and martini. The bar man smiled. She pulled out her phone and saw a text from him. “I shall be late by thirty minutes but will join you soon”. She flipped through her social media, occasionally looking at the side of the entrance and checking her watch.

What had happened. She had promised not to wait on any man ever again like this. why was she anxious. Her palms were sweating nad she didn’t know why her heart was betraying her again. she convinced her mind it wasnt what her hear was whispering. He came in. Clad in a pair of black khaki pants and a pink shirt. Brown belt and a brown pair of loafers. Today he looked more fresh. No bugs of tiredness under his beautiful eyes. She stood up to receive him, adjusting the shrug she had thrown over her shoulders she hugged him and they both sat. “you look beautiful,” he said. Thank you she said trying to hide the speech in her eyes. I did place an order for your drink, i guess the bar man can bring it. Allow me pay for your drink today’ she said as she signaled the bar man. He asked for water as well today. “how was your day?2 she asked. Almost apologising for beginning the conversation. It was okay. A few meeting here and their but generally okay. But i refuse to discuss work on a friday evening at the bar.” sorry she said quickly.

You don’t have to be he said. How about we retire early and since tomorrow is Saturday, how about we sit out for lunch and get to talk without music distracting our hearing. “okay, that will be great.” Just let me know place and time. Once the drinks were done, they left. it wasnt even midnight yet. Ella spent the night trying to figure out what she will wear and what he exactly wanted to talk about.

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