Heart for Rent 3


Zero sleep. Out of bed. Turns the music on and in her short pyjamas and mess burn she starts to dance. Goes to the fridge and takes out milk, pours herself cornflakes and lets it all out at the sofa infront of her TV.

Beep, Beep…Text from Joe. She quickly grabs her phone and opens it. “i cant sleep but i guess you are on mars and will see when you get up”, it read

typing…… i am actually awake thinking of you….backspace

….well couldnt sleep either…..backspace

……just got up to eat….back space

……Well, i was still up trying to finish up a series…she sent.

Joe: Oh, what series?

Ella: Handmaid’s tale

Joe: i love some gun action. I dont know what that is even

Ella: I love some guns too but this was recommended.

Joe: let me let you finish as i try find sleep. Goodnight

Ella: Good night

She held her phone like she was hugging memories from the past. After she was over with her thoughts she picked up her bowl and finished her cereal before she could go to bed again.

Saturday morning and the ray of sunshine that hit brightly at her window is what got her up. Lazily she woke up and the clock was reading 10am. She walked out of her bed straight to her leaving room, picked up her remote and turned on the TV, dropped it and walked back to her bedroom into the bathroom. Washed her face and brushed then she picked up her phone to call her laundry lady. She went in into her kitchen to clean up and suddenly it hit her again. She was alone. He had left her after 2 years of staying together and four of dating and he left like they hadnt been together even for a single day.

Dishes in the sink, water running and tears flowing down her cheeks. All the beautiful nights and days spent together suddenly came back. It had been eight months and she still didnt know what to do with herself. some days were okay and merry and other days she felt like crap. Closed doors and a bowl of candy. No amount of wine could wipe her tears or heal the broken heart. No amount of music would numb the pain. So she put up an ad in her head that no one ever read “heart for rent”

slowly she washed the dishes. trying to deal with all the thoughts. Keeping busy not to think but it felt like yesterday. The dishes were done and just before she could start to mop, a knock at the door. ‘It must be fina, the laudry lady’ she thought. She went over to the door and it was Penny, her bestfriend. She had been checking on weekly just to make sure she is okay. Peeny feared her friend wwould sink into depression. “hey..how are you? you look terrible this morning” she said pulling Ella in for a hug. “I am tired” Ella said drawing in as tears started to collect again. Penny held her for almost sixty seconds before she could let her go. ‘So how has the week been? Penny asked letting herself in. she threw her bag on the sofa and went into the kitchen to make some tea. Ella shut the door and walked back to wear she had left her bucket and mop. She picked them up as she narrated the bar events to Penny who stood with her body against the wall that divides the living room from the kitchen. ‘Actually, we are having lunch together this afternoon’.

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