#ItWasAs 1yr ago today

I do recall texting my girls like 2hrs after and going home in silence. My body shaking and I was actually hiding my fingers the whole time. It happened over a late lunch and as much as i was hungry, i lost my appetite. Well, yes. I went home called my mother out of the kitchen we got into her bedroom and in my hands i had a proposed date and on the other a ring and still shaking after our chat i went off to my bed.

On this day last year I said yes.

That might be all I shall say for now. But maybe one day soon I shall tell you the details.  However, it has been an amazing journey full of happiness and joy. Fights and arguments but most of all, full of gossip.

Don’t be one of the many that ask why the 💍 is on that finger. Because the answer will be not what I shall think about but what I have rehearsing thoroughly well.

#OkayBye let me go back to my things. At least now you know why I haven’t had those stories in a while. I am still “covering my face with my palms” (like those instagram proposal pics I mean) and don’t argue I know it’s a year later but yes, I had a delayed reaction that day I didn’t until I realized (from all the FB and insta pics and videos of others) that I had to cry, scream, hold my breath and cover my face with my palms and over blink so am doing exactly that now.


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