Heart for Rent 4


That’s very nice, you finally get to go out. Penny said half excited, half anxious. So what are you going to wear?

Ella took the bucket and mop away she was done. silently walked to the coffee table where she had placed her phone to charge. picked it up and before she could type, where do we meet and time, a text from Joe came in. “Top Cafe in the next one and half hours.” She responded. “cool, see you then!” Anxiety building up on her, she turns to the friend who now sat down with a cup of tea in her hands. Asked her to help her pick out an outfit one not too revealing as she takes her bath. Penny immediately got up. She really wanted her friend to heal and this was good for her. Ella stepped into the bathroom as Penny stayed in the bedroom looking through the closet. “do you have a colour in mind?2 she called out. Not really Ella responded. Well, I think this yellow shirt dress and black strapped heels will do. she said getting them out and laying them down on the bed.

Ella Came out in a rush, cleaned up, wore her lotion and quickly dressed up without thinking much about the outfit. She touched up her make up and soon as she was ready to go, she admired herself. She hadn’t been nervous like this in a while. “i will be here when you get back.” Penny called out from the living room where she had returned . ella picked up her purse, placed some tissue and hand lotion plus her little wallet, wore her perfume and was ready to go.

All the best sis, Penny said as she hugged her. Ella picked up her car keys and phone and opened the door. Fina was at the door, “well, the clothes are in the basket, Penny will be around in case of anything.” she said and left. Got into her car and looked at her watch, she had 45 minutes and she hated being late. took a deep breath and was off.

Joe, clad in navy blue khakis a sky blue shirt and grey sweater sat across the counter. Ella got in and walked straight to the counter to let them know she was meeting someone and the receptionist pointed to the corner opposite. He was typing something on his phone when she walked up to him. “I hope i didn’t keep you waiting”. Joe stood up. “i just got here as well, its okay”. ‘You look bright’ he said pulling a seat for her. Thank you!

The menu was at the table. “we could order before we get lost in conversation.” They both took the menu’s and Joe raised his hand for the waiter to come and take their orders. Ella, looking at him doing this swiftly she thought, “suppose he doesn’t do rent and prefers to purchase”….


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