Letters -SA #ItWasAs

Dear sister,

Growing up with you didn’t just make me proud but some days (many days)I wanted to be like you. You have always been the inspiration or lets call it a making guide.So I just didn’t want to be like you, I have always admired everything about you. Sometimes i thought i was just another young girl and looking at her sister who has arrived, sometimes i felt like you let me down sometimes we cried, we laughed we talked but many times and for eternity the love i shall hold unto (what am i even saying).

I have always been afraid of letting you down. I have always worked to make sure you are happy and proud of this little thing. At some point I wanted to fall within you career because that’s how much u inspired me until that day i got to know we are different and love different things and you Told me “happiness is key,band wagon destroy.”. This is how far we have come so far and nothing much will change “little sister shall always be me”. Looking up to you shall always be. Loving you is our present,past,, future, past participle and continuous Tense. I hope, for all these years to this day, the disappointments and faults my end are less than the times i have made you proud. I hope the tears of joy u have cried over me are more than the sad ones u have shed over me. I don’t know why i cry writing this but i guess i just look back and am not exactly sure how to say thank you, i might even never say it enough.

Thank you

litrol sister

image from pinterest

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