Heart for Rent


So, I would like to go straight to the point. I will re introduce myself. I am Joe, a single father of one, Heart rented twice and now i need to buy. I have a beautiful daughter named Kendra. She is five years old now and we live together with help of a house help. Her mum passed on. So i have a full-time job as a dad and as an accountant.

Aww, My name is Ella, Heart to let ad never responded too. Chief Editor, no children just myself  and my mother’s daily calls. And yes, healing from a broken heart. The waiter brought the food and juice as told. Joe put out his hand, can we say a silent, quick prayer? Holding out her hand to his and staring like she just got star struck, he bowed and muttered a prayer and together they said Amen. “I guess there’s a lot i am about to learn for you!”

So Ella, he said picking up his glass of passion. I don’t want you to rush, I dont need you to agree today and i dont need you to panic. I have laid my cards out and may i please ask……How much will it cost for me to rent your heart for a year maybe. But mostly i am more interested in purchasing it. The purchase will depend i guess on the landlord for now, how i treat and take care of the place entrusted to me. You dont have to respond now, lets enjoy lunch and when you have an answer please let me know…

(Ella, coughing) sorry. she picked up her glass and sipped some juice.

(in her head) *See lord what you have done to me

Well, Lets start with the rent it will cost you Honesty,time-respective dollars and a couple of dozen roses. Occupancy will cost you a heart and ownership will cost you a pair of rings and a Church team. Ella said with her eyes glued to her food like she was afraid of the many things he would read from her eyes if she raised them. They stayed another hour talking about hobbies and other things and she just couldnt wait to get home.


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