Dear Mukya,

You crossed my mind today. And I am thinking if only God could have waited. But who am i to question God. Ninye oha!

well, Someone asked me one thing I would like but can’t afford and you came to mind. It’s then that i realised life did move but not a day goes by and i aint thinking of you. The prayers we made together, the jokes we made, the games we played, the dreams we shared and then, i just cant have you.

Am sure you have heard, I have whispered to the stars our little secret and they did smile so i am sure i do have not just your blessing but you are with me all the way. In the things i feared, you always walked with me. But so you know, your daughter, my mother, has done an incredible job. And i can never thank her enough. If i had one wish, I would request God to give you to me for just a couple of weeks. But again who am i when God speaks!

I loved you, love you, will always love you. by the way, Nomukoko haha I mean you always said if he didn’t speak my language then N’omukoko. But he is nothing like you feared. He is the opposite of all the bad we discussed.



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