Heart for Rent #


Penny, You wont believe this! she said rushing through the door to the living room where her best friend lay watching television. Dropped herself besides her, “he asked me out”…she said with a half frown , half-smile. Penny sat up immediately. OMG! that is great…but before she could add she saw it in her eyes. ‘Why are you afraid Ella?’ holding her hand. They all can’t be punks, give him a chance and see. I hope you didn’t turn him down. “no, I told him he could rent before he builds.” good! Penny said giving her friend a side hug. That is a start. Dont let all your guards down, but also don’t keep them too high. Give him a chance.

So, what are you watching? how did the washing go? Have you eaten? Ella said getting up to go take off her shoes and undress into something more free.  “I did make noodles. The Clothes are Dry so I put them in the other empty room. And Today, i had no plans so i decided to lay down here and watch basketball wives.”  Ella returned wearing a pair of grey shorts and a vest. Well, she said. I guess we should then watch a movie. I picked up some last Tuesday. She went over to the stand where the DVD holder sat, picked it up and gave it to the friend.

For the first time in so long she didn’t feel the urge of watching a movie while eating.



Special Thanks to Daisy and Susan that allowed me use these beautiful photos.

Photo credit: Me

well, i dont know who dressed them

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