letter to EB

Dear Father, 

I woke up earlier than usual that day especially because I wasn’t  going to work. I had all kinds of feelings and emotions and wasn’t sure where to place them so I tossed and turned in my bed. My stomach almost got running, my heart kept skipping because for this whole while I hadnt never figured out how this shall be. You didn’t teach me or even prep me for goodbyes. So I woke up with suitcases on my mind and when I looked at the corner of my bedroom, I broke down. I needed a hug, how was I going to be able to do this. 

Knowing that I ain’t gonna wake up to “who is here, will you go to work today, what is the plan today? What do I think we should do? I got some eggs for you, don’t go without eating some this. Jeez, when they told me growing up was hard, it didn’t sink. Today it has twice sunk and I lay down thinking, how?…. 

There’s a beautiful love shinning on my heart.I know I shall always walk by with and trust to light my path

But honestly, farewell was too soon. For the twenty something years, for the times we both prepared ourselves for this emotionally, it was too soon.okay maybe it wasn’t but The word I wouldn’t say that night was,good bye

He will take good care of me, it will be a while before I adjust fully. Am going to miss you daily but eish what are phones for even. And when I can’t contain it, he will bring me home or I will come by myself. I won’t escape, I will come give u a hug, tell you about my week maybe, laugh and love. I will be okay. However, I hope for these twenty something years, I have been the daughter under your roof that you dreamt of. I am not saying goodbye. Kankomewo 

I love you



2 thoughts on “letter to EB

  1. Well. Thanks for Growing up. There is a new life ahead of you, new challenges you must learn to work with and a lot of happiness to it, if you look at archiving it……… Your going to enjoy your journey of adventure without paps, but its a story you can always tell him about and a memory you will create, not only for you but even for the people in your life now. Congrats Muwala wa EB!

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