I Do. (Kadali)

Every lady should have a chance to plan her wedding or experience the whole planning. Jeez! It’s a bunch of work. That’s when the fights with relatives and family get intense, it’s when u want to lose your head without losing weight (impossible) But yeah. I wonder how it’s easier to pull off sad moments like funerals but birthdays and grad partied and baptisms and weddings are trouble. Some people start to demand positions they didn’t live upto all their lives. But at that moment they pull out the title card. 

By the time you are done with all the things that need to get into place. U don’t actually care what flowers were delivered, what music got played. You just want to get over with it with the little satisfaction of the dress and vows part and go to bed. Happy. One day of too many emotions even if u had 🔟 years to plan. However it all ends. 

So yes I did my Kadali. And am very excited to take this journey. Ofcourse I expect to get home sick often. But am loved by the best from all angles. 

Thanks to my family, my in laws. My cartels, the high command unit. U were amazing. And you always are. The friends and family  the support in all forms. My decorator both events @BethEvents. My MUA @SharonKH, my Metu. My maidens. (🙌). I can’t wait for the next Kadali episode 2018. Am excited. My followers and readers (Jeez u guys keep my head up)

Let’s do this again 2018. 



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