Conversations in my head

eyes (read): Summary of 2018 prophecies by …. Prophet.

north korea, trump, japan, UK strikes, plane crash,investments,two parliaments,,fallen soldiers,  Oscars………(reckoning……oscars……reads…)……demonic entities…..

Brain to Heart: has god been reduced to this. Is he this cheap?. Okay, so if its demonic and all, what has it got to do with christianity? What does the winner have to do with the gospel?  (continues to read….) “No one has done this before”….

Heart to Brain: You mean u cant predict this? (they laugh…back to eyes)…”any prophesy that has no purpose isnt prophesy at all I think”…(the sender says)

Eyes continue:…..Google had these predictions

Brain to Heart: see…. we can do this…But wait..back in the 90s we had mchaka mchaka compulsory for all youth. So that looks old, they will just bring it back. In fact all my siblings did it. I just came too late to find it. Do soldiers ever fall out with each other?

Heart to brain: I didn’t know mahn. I thought its like mother and daughter…But doesnt God reveal to redeem? so What are we being redeemed from?

Brain to heart: everyone knows Corbyn Jeremy Kavuyo.

Heart to brain: Well, I don’t even know what that is…

Eyes to text: I feel Pessimist at times but I know God isn’t Purposeless.

(heart and brain nod in agreement).

Heart to brain: Boss calm down. God has never asked that u fight his battles. he can manage. sip some tea. you even over working me

Brain to heart: you have a point. If they don’t come to pass we shall edit the document.

Heart to Brain: am worried. Finances, relationships, God….Life generally. Growing up is a trap. Am trying not to be perfect yet perfect. Best yet same usual me….eeh!2721d191cd693980e0cebf7365fdf016

Brain to heart: boss, pump what u need to pump. channel your energy there and do it well. Focus on what you know best how to Do,Let God do the worrying for you. I mean, eyes told me that he read somewhere and God said, Rest in only me…

Heart to Brain: U donkey first focus. If u didn’t have all these things stringing, i wouldn’t have felt.

Brain to heart: Calm down, cant u hear, ear has already tuned to Anthony Evans, am focused!

Heart to Brain: Well done, now I can work and smoothly at that.



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