Love letters-1

a single rose, a loving text, a picnic at the beach, it doesn’t have to cost money.

Dear You…

I hope these letters find you well. February has been long coming. I mean, it’s almost the only time i receive letters. Its like spring in winter in this our thing.

Am sending you a dozen roses and hoping that I will see you this valentines. A single rose every day along side a simple note. Don’t worry about the cash because i know what the  “Jan-wory” did with us. A piece of you and a glass of wine could do. Maybe a little bit of laughter would seal it. I would love to smell your scent all over the house and have your voice echoing.

It could be a romantic dinner at our favorite hotel or a stroll to out favorite maize stall. It doesn’t matter, All I desire is you, a piece of you maybe. Patiently and tenderly i shall be waiting like a budding rose




2 thoughts on “Love letters-1

  1. I love this! I always tell people that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be over the top, if you can afford it why not if not there are so many other creative ways to make the day memorable. What matters the most is that someone has made an effort and you both had a ball of a time.

    Such a lovely read 🙂

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