Love Letters-2

Never confuse what you are offered with what you are worth

Dear you

Just before I could go to bed, she called me. She said she had you for this valentines so i better wait for Easter maybe, and that is if she really feels sorry for me. You didn’t tell me we were sharing this bed. sorry, Heart.

you know am not the kind that loves to share hearts. Am really Selfish and that am not even ashamed to say. So she made an offer, If I desired to have you so bad i either have you day before or Day after. But then, Cupid wasnt stupid. And maybe Sometimes he lies so i need the spirit to lead me. But also, is it worth it?

So since I don’t desire to confuse nor share. She can have you and have you through the rest of the years because if am your choice, you need to need me not just want me. You need to focus because am sure you know what you want. stop playing games. It’s either me or me…or her and just her.



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