I sought for a man

he came dressed like an angel
a white tunic with a pair of wings on his back
his speech tasted like cinnamon tea
and her broken self need some soothing
he strummed her to sleep every night
humming soothing hymns and telling inspirational bed time stories
he made her feel like she wasnt broken
yet he only patched a discoloured cloth everywhere she was wounded
and applied ailment on her bruises
his speech made her up
that you wouldn’t recognise her until u sat long hours over ginger tea
she learnt to tell herself she was okay
occasionally referencing to his speech

But then, How does God let such a broken human lay in hands of such a deceitful man?
did he even have a say in this or it was her will over his?
was she in a rush to feel comfortable?
was she running away from pain?
couldnt she just let time heal her?
Now she sits down outside the gate f his house. With holes all over her body,
bruises all over her skin and an arrested speech.
she doesn’t even feel worthy sitting out to tea by herself
and is ashamed of going home.

at the end, she had sought for a man,
one that would stand in the gap, love her like she is, take time to have her heal. To make up the hedge and stand in the gap that she wont be destroyed. And she found none

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