These were my choice of bridal shoes as opposed to heels. The first time I told my mum I was going for sneakers…she didn’t understand me . I didn’t blame her because honestly neither did my friends. My matron practically told me “babe this is the only day u must look overly gorgeous.” So when I told her I would like the maids to as well wear sneakers…she couldn’t believe. The maids weren’t exactly comfortable. Some were okay others weren’t so we settled for heels for them.

When my gown was ready, my cousin insisted I won’t look so good with law shoes, she had dressed many brides so this was advise from an expert. I went I got 👠 and said I would wear them to church then change. But then, my heart wasn’t comfortable. After I discussed with my sister, I settled for my sneakers and it was final. So I didn’t show anyone the shoes till the last week.

I wore the heels BUT NOT to my wedding. I wore them for my traditional wedding.

Sneakers were the thing. I was too comfortable. I danced my head off. And Oh! Did I mention that my husband as well had sneakers? Yeah…..and so was my bridal shower theme.

What was the point again?

Yes it’s one day. A dream day and you must look sizzling BUT also u MUST be comfortable. You can achieve both trust me and you shall be happier. Am glad I stuck to my sneakers

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