Nemu – the hair dresser


So today I recalled a lady in my village. she was a real village belle. She was called Nemu (read Name). Nemu was my hair dresser. The best on the village. She plaited my sister and i from when we were little. One Christmas, she plaited us and decorated our finished hair with metallic buttons as opposed to beads..(oh! how beautiful we looked).

Nemu was like a moving hollywood actress. She was a slim figure, had the kind of body we thought was only for models. She was like Aamito just lighter. About 6 feet (i don’t know because i was very little). She rented a single room down in the ghetto and was too clean and smart that if you found her at the bus station you would think she just came out of a mansion. Her poise…jeez!. She always wore heels even when she was going to the market to buy one tomato. She wore only bodycon dresses,pencil skirts….clothes that sketched out her curves. Her nails were always done and she never forgot the red lipstick(i didnt think she cared about the brand, it could have been the Irene we use lately). she was the First MUA i ever saw because all the village females with parties to attend passed by her veranda before going out to parties or weddings or bars. She didn’t charge for the make up because she believed in women looking good and she only charged UGX 7000 for my hair then.

On many occasions, the men in the neighbouring village called her a prostitute but she was just that woman who was probably a fan of spice girls and dreamt of living in France or Paris at a point. She did enjoy her cigarette but also only drunk when she wasnt working. She just loved being a woman and having all the attention. As years went by, Nemu shifted and later news reached us that she passed on. She was unmarried and had no children but was happy.  Today I wonder why people called her a prosititute because of the way she choose to present herself? can’t a woman just look good and enjoy her life with no one thinking it she is doing it to seduce men?

Nemu wore her “mivumba” just for herself. She choose the perfect ones for her body and when she walked out, she wore a smile and walked like she was moving on glass. She had her own red carpet laid out in her mind each time. It didn’t matter if she was heading to the market or to buy the braids for her clients. she often said “nze nekolera byange binsanyusa”. She always had her head high,shoulders out and protected her crown. She had no reason to fix yours yet hers wasnt exactly straight and she knew.

Rest in Peace Nemu

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