I thought she just had a bad morning so she had probably had a few things to say to herself but she went on and on like she was almost shandering but not. she spoke softly then loudly then smiled like she was having a discussion with herself or perhaps an invisible friend.

She kept her head tilted towards the window and very often she picked a paper from her hand bag. she looked like she was reading loudly from it but she actually didn’t have her eyes on it. I tried to listen in vain for I didnt seem to understand the language she spoke. “did her witch doctor/Man of God/Parent or whatever tell her to speak to herself the whole the journey?”.

She later stepped off and I stared at her as she walked off. She was dressed in a green dress and her brown heels half bent to the sides that i kept wondering how exactly she managed to walk without wobbling. She had her eyebrows well drawn and her red lipstick well sketched on her lips. I had seen her at the taxi stand. She still had been talking to herself but i assumed she was on phone so i looked away. She looked like a young girl in her early 20s, so early an age for one to speak to themselves that long. I wonder if she has got help or if she even needs it or even realises that she needs it. Maybe i am over thinking it. But i still can’t get her out of my mind


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