Collector of hearts

He spent his nights with her

But all she kept was his body

His heart was else where

With a woman who would never be his

But he kept hoping one day

She cried in his bed

She tormented the other woman

He cried himself to sleep

Pleaded for the other woman

Begged she takes him in

One mistake,

Just one drunken night

Got him tied to his baby mama

And he lost the love of his life

She had his body and sleep

His heart was with another


He loved her fiercely

She loved him back

Maybe not as much as he loved her

But family couldn’t let them

He could never give it up

She wasn’t willing to hurt her parents

She knew they would never approve of the union

Neither could she elope

They stayed, hearts tangled together

But then she knew it only caused hurt

She left

But she left with his heart


He said he had found another

A much better version

Least did he know it was excitement

An adventure that would end soon

She waited on him

Everyday she cried herself to sleep

Hoping he would see how much she loved him

He was too immersed in her fragrance

He forgot his promises

He said he loved her But loved her more

She still stayed

Hoping he would realise it was just a one stop

But the longer she stayed

The more she hurt the more her heart sunk

Love grew into spite

When his phase was due

She had gone

He pleaded to have her back

But she was long gone

And long gone with his heart.

No retreat.


They all wished they had a second chance

They tried to get back to the brokenness

Make up for all their bad choices and mistakes

They realised happiness only lied with her

She had been too good they played

Took her for granted

Toiled with her heart

And when the adventures ended

Their hearts didn’t approve no one but her

Their chests felt empty

They had lusted over the rest

Despised and crashed the one that held their hearts.

But as long as her heart still beat…..she was determined to fall in love again.



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