Curiosity Killed Me

So curiosity directed me to a restaurant hidden at some basement.. The pics looked nice and the guy with the flyer didn’t stop swinging it each time I passed by. today i was hungry and decided to visit.

the food I usually have at 6k was not less than 20k and that is beans all food. Eish i usually eat beans at hajjats at 4k and all food at that. I couldn’t even run out of the restaurant. it was not so occupied and the owner had ushered my friend and i into the lounge with a God bless you. “what kind of man says tha?” my friend asked. After we looked at the menu i told her, now i know why we needed the blessings 20k for beans and 10k for plain chips with no salad or gravy? and this isn’t serena or Sheraton or KFC Not even close to a 1 star. Since we couldnt run, i told my friend i wasnt paying 10k for fries i cant get at 3500k of 5k i would rather sit on a time bomb of chicken at 20k even when Madinah can give it for 10k and she would even add deep friend gonja.

The food did take a while after we decided to do this and NEVER be curious again for such places. Then very loud Old school jams were played that we hardly heard each other talk. The food came and the tables were meant for pillow guys because they were too low u would get tired of bending and carry your plate. In this Uganda where the least paid earns 3.5m and the cleaner isnt paid but tipped 150k and has rent and tax….why would i eat food of 20k for lunch…..I just wasted lunch and transport for two days. I have learnt my lesson.

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