Murder,she baked

Halo….. Please if you aren’t ready to share this man leave him alone and stop stressing him. The call dropped before she even had chance to. Say a proper halo. ‘but side chicks should know their limit. She thought to herself before turning back to Celine, her two-year-old daughter. She had asked for a two weeks break from work because she needed to take care of her daughter as her mother helps her find a new maid. Jackie her former maid had left pregnant and she deep down she knew her husband, Frank was responsible. He wore so much guilt since they found out and he had started to gift her every other day. She asked Jackie to confide in her before she left and she had kindly said “Auntie Stella, uncle Frank is responsible but he even doesn’t want to hear of it”

She remembers how blood went cold in her body that morning, how she held back her tears until she was by herself in the shower. Her marriage was too young to have all this drama. She recalls every word her mother said when she told her mwana wange guma, obufumbo bwakuguma. Eno odawani? He paid us in full. Stay strong don’t even confront him. Marriage is full of ups and downs. How else was she supposed to share this with her friends? They all envied her and many times blamed her for his behavior. She chose to suffer silently and before it, all could go away, the side chick!

he came home that day with another bunch of flowers. He had money and power now, he wasn’t the young man that she met at campus. He spoke with so much authority that she was afraid he would strike her if she attempted to engage him. How does she question that loyalty of the mayor? He had transferred politics into their bedroom long ago no wonder no one sympathized with her. They saw her drive an expensive car and live in a mandion. The kind that girls her age dream of somthdy expected she at least focuses on the wealth and status of her husband than all otyer things. Mark, her four year old son was away for holidays at his paternal grand parents. So she only had celine and had to make sure she finds a new House help before Mark returns. She had asked her matron to help her send for one from her village and she promised to get her one by week end but she needed to talk to her husband about the former maid and the side dish before a new house help came in.

She waited friday night for frank who as usual came in so late tgat tge kids hardly so him. 1am, he pulled up in the garage, he came in drunk so drunk that she couldnt hold a conversation with him for he wouldnt remember by morning. The new maid was arriving saturday evening. She waited for tge morning when he was fresh and sober but he got up rushing that he hardly touched the breakfast she prepared. She was now getting used to eating alone with the kids and almost saying no word to her husband since he became mayor. Frank was always in a rush to leave home yet also returned so late. Even the weekends she expected to have him for a couple of hours, he was gone soon as he woke up.

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