Murder, she baked.

Saturday morning he left as soon as he got up that he didn’t even have a chance to eat the breakfast she had made. She was getting used to dinning alone as much as she was getting used to not seeing him often. She told herself that they would talk when he returns in the evening but only to text him  about dinner plans and the response was “sorry, I forgot to say earlier but am on my way out-of-town i wont be back tonite.” She stared deep at the text wondering if he would have recalled to text if she hadn’t texted him about dinner.

Anyway, Her matron called and told her the maid will be arriving in the evening so she had to go pick her up. She finished up her chores, fed and cleaned Celine and as much as she Missed Mark her four-year old son who was at his paternal Grandparents for the holiday, she was glad she didn’t have both of them around. The maid arriving today meant she had enough time to teach her everything she needed to know before her leave ended. She decided to take Celine to the play ground after work so that it would be easy for her to connect and pick up the maid when she arrived.

She had gotten the maids contact from the matron, she called her back and told her to flash her when she was close so that she would get to the park in time to pick her up. She sat by herself as she kept an eye on Celine while she typed away on her tab. The maid flashed her as her bus drew close so she decided to get Celine and drive so that they don’t miss each other. She called back and described to the maid how she was dressed since they both didn’t know each other. When she arrived she parked somewhere close carried Celine and stood outside her car waiting for the bus to pull over and off load. The maid came down clad in a black midi-skirt and a yellow top and a small back up. She was fairly toned with short hair. She waked up and waved and with a smile she drew near, Good evening madam, my name is Salome. she said with a smile. Call me mama Celine for now, she said heading to the car. She opened the doors and started to drive out. She was sure Celine was hungry by now so she asked Salome what she needed and what she didn’t or did have because from the look of her backpack, she really had little to deal with. They branched by the mall and she picked up some knickers,vaseline and some other clothes. After shopping they sat down to eat, so they entered the cafe for some pizza and she took this time to chat a bit with Salome.

As she asked for the bill, her phone rang. It was her husband calling, he hadn’t called since he left so she picked up and to her surprise it wasnt her husband speaking,

Halo….its me again. Dont be too excited. Now listen since you already know I have him. He has a cold so you might need to get him something when he returns and i just called to say he is safe and he will come home Tuesday.

She had kept silent throughout the call and when it dropped, the bill was in front of her and before she could pay, she texted her Bestfriend. “we need to talk urgently. Breakfast on me tomorrow.Usual place”. She dug into her wallet paid up and asked everyone to get up and get going.

She wanted to cry but now wasnt the time. She had to wait till she got home and the whole journey home her head was running about. It was everything and anything. Is this what the marriage was about?. Did becoming a mayor ruin him? She wanted the man she met at campus not the man everyone thought she shouldnt leave or complain about just because she drives a VX and sleeps in a huge mansion and her husband has power….

When they got home, all she desired was a cup of tea and a warm bath. Gladly, Celine had slept off so she didn’t trouble waking her up. She put her to bed. Showed the maid around the kitchen and bedroom and told her they would talk the next day, went into her room and prepared herself a bath and tea and let it all out. Every tea shed came with pain. Her mom had told her not to even question him about his deeds but this was too much for her to hold in alone. She recalls her mom telling her Guma, obufumbo bwebutyo. Oda wani nga omusajja yasasula tetumubanja. All she needed was a break but how was she even going to take a break if she couldn’t have one hour to herself….She cried.



2 thoughts on “Murder, she baked.

  1. My heart is breaking for her…
    But why?? Why does power and money have to have such a hold on people?? It is all but fleeting!!!! And the nerve of the other lady….
    hihiii…first wait, is there a preceeding background to this piece? Been a while…

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