Murder, She baked 3

She had slept off late in the night and her pillow was soaked in tears but she had to get up to have things running. She called out to the maid as she walked through the corridor to go and fix herself a quick tea-cup. The maid was up and was in the living room mopping before she could get told of other assignments.

“yes Madame she responded as she dropped the mop to face the direction of her boss. I am going to church but I wont be taking Celine with me. When she gets up, wash her up and prepare some oats for her. (they both walked into the kitchen). The Oats are here, she said opening the drawers above the sink. everything you will need to cook is here, and i might be late so the matooke is here and just make beef in gnuts for sauce. Everything else needed is here and what you don’t understand or can’t find call me. I know you were told i have two children and a husband, well, those two wont be around till next week so for now its just us. When you finish mopping, boil some milk and put in the flask. I will try be back in time so we talk more. Any questions? “No madam. I will call in case of anything. Oh! the gate man gets  breakfast from here so when you finish preparing, give him. He will come for it normally at about 10am. Other than that, i dont expect any visitors. She concluded, poured tea into her cup and headed back to her bedroom to prepare for church then meet up her best friend.

she sipped her tea as she texted. Good morning, I know I said we should meet up 8am but would like to do church. So let’s make it 10am please. If you are coming to church, we could leave together. She put her phone down and walked into the bathroom.“How am I going to go to church like this today? I feel so broken and empty i don’t even know what to say to God. But maybe i need the word for encouragement.” She place her cup of tea by the sink, took a quick shower and in no minute she was out. She looked at her puffy eyes in the mirror and she knew, she would need a lot of foundation to disguise it all. She peeped into the closet and picked up her pink knee-length dress, dropped the towel, pulled out her lingerie drawer, dressed. went back to the mirror, smeared, put on her dress and concluded with make up. She picked up her bible and handbag, grabbed her car keys and slip black pumps unto her feet and she was off.

The sermon was from or the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12:10. She really needed it and when church was done, she was off to meet her Friend. In less than 20mins she was at the cafe, Sat by the window and before she placed her order she texted “already her, Usual spot by the window”. She ordered for an english breakfast and while the waitress was bringing it, he friend pulled over. When she saw her, tears begun to build up in her eyes once again. She thought after church she would feel much better but guess not.

Hey….Desire walked towards her. You look so tired. Did you sleep? Did you even attend church? she asked as they hugged. She realised her friend wasnt letting go of the hug yet so she held on a little bit longer as she patted her back. “its well”. Desire was married to an ordinary man. She was a banker and he was a doctor. She pulled out of the hug and sat down as she signaled the waitress. “I will have the same order please”. She said placing her bag by the window seal. She then held her friend’s hand, “what is the story”. Mama Celine Narrated and Desire simply listened in silently.  “how long has this been going on?”. Well, since I had Celine. rumours were going around but i paid less attention. It had happened when i had Mark but i chose to ignore like mum asked but it kept eating me up. I didn’t know the other woman until the phone calls. “have you tried to confront him?” Mum said I shouldnt. She said as long as she is providing home i shouldnt have reason to. I have been trying to talk to him but he hasn’t given me space. Normally he returns late or tired and leaves very early or am rushing to office. The communication died long time. All he does is leave money by the dressing mirror each time and if i need anything, he says i text

I want to say we need to pray about it, but I also see you are torn apart. While they spoke her phone rang. The number is unknown to her. I think its her again.  Pick up then, Desire said “Hey, Good morning mam. sorry to call you so early. My name is Becky, I am looking for the mayor. He got me pregnant and he is avoiding my calls. I know you are the wife.” she froze that Desire had to grab the phone from her. “Halo…you were saying?…. “I said the mayor made me pregnant and he told me to keep it yet now he is avoiding me and I cant reach him on phone.” Desire looked at her Zonked friend. Well, he is out-of-town, am, going to let him know you called when he returns. “please do, don’t make me come to the house.” The phone dropped.


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