Murder,She baked 4

Desire Got up to shake her friend back to life. all she said was…Thats another girl, and she let her tears out…Desire pulled her seat close and embraced her friend. She asked the waitress to pack up the breakfast, texted her driver to come for her car. Soon as her driver arrived she carried her friend and drove her to her house. The sat in the guest room for words before another word came from her mouth. She pushed her to eat something but she was hesitant. Her daughter came in calling so for a minute she had to snap out of her problems and attend to her. She then called the maid to take her. The two begun to speak again.  “See Desire, that’s the second girl in less than two weeks. what have I done to deserve this. Even before i conclude with one, another comes up.”

Well, Desire said. I think when he returns you need to create time and talk before you make any serious decisions. Right now you need to be strong especially for the children. And don’t show the public you have problems, try tuck them in. It’s okay to cry but not to moan, okay not as yet (she said smiling).

The Mayor returned Monday night. He found her awake trying to organise some things. He didn’t communicate his return but all the same, like nothing was wrong, she welcomed him home, made him a cup of tea and asked him about his trip. Shockingly he had time to sit. Today he wasnt tired like he normally says. So as they talked, she said without raising her head from the clothes she was folding, “a girl/lady named Becky called. She said she was pregnant and was trying to reach you in vain”.

Stammering: Who is Becky and why is she telling me about  her pregnancy?

She turned to him, Maybe i call her back and we find out. She reached out for her phone..

Mayor: No, it’s too late.It might even be a wrong number?

Mama Celine: Well she sounded as sure as the lady that became your trip.

his jaw dropped. He didn’t know about the calls the lady made with his phone?

Mayor (raising voice) what is wrong with you this night, what do you mean?

Mama Celine (Softly).: I hired a new maid. So don’t ask when you bump into her in the morning and I will still prepare all your meals. You can take a bath and come to bed, its late.

He stood up and placed his cup at the bedside table and guiltily walked into the bathroom. When he was done he came to bed. He tried to make sexual advances but his wife declined. I am on my period, she said and turned. In the morning she was up early and unlike days when he was in a rush, he came out to the dinning in his bathrobe.

Wont you be going to office today?

I will but I postponed all my morning appointments.

He sat and she served him. Celine got chance to see him, for she was up early at the cock’s first crow and the maid had kept her busy. The all sat at the dinning and ate.

Mama Celine: So where was this trip that was abrupt

Mayor: Fortportal

Mama Celine: With her?

Mayor: (not lifting his eyes). Which her?

Mama Celine: Well she called me and even told me about your cold, I actually got some drugs (she called out to the maid to bring them). Then before i could digest, Becky called.

The mayor silently got up, picked the medicine and left the table with no word.


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