Murder,She baked 7

Has love ever felt uncomfortable that you can’t settle in one place?

Journal 2:

I thought he would learn from his mistakes but looks like he learnt nothing. His “Trip girl” the one that had audacity to call me,yes that one. I think she was the life of his life and I was just the other option that wanted to settle while she just enjoyed eating and traveling. She wasnt interested in making babies i guess. Anyway she is still very present. He thinks i don’t know but i see him when he seats down in the living room and opens his emails. He reads mails from her like he is reading newspaper articles of himself. I wonder if his clothes still fit because i realise my prescence bothers him but he cant displace me.

They could have changed thea schedule but that isn’t my problem now especially because we are only married for the public eye. I went silent and decided to work my life but somehow he still doesn’t learn. If I were him, I would try behave to make amends especially if i have a reputation to keep.

Celine and Mark have no idea we are fighting and I would love to keep it that way, Sometimes Mark asks, but as much as it hurts, I don’t mind putting up an act in front of the kids just to protect them. Maybe one day they will find out.

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