Murder, she baked -9

Journal – 4

So today his trip girl calls me and tells me she gives me a month for me to move out because she cant raise her child in a rental! But who bewitches these women? Does she know how many bricks i laid on this foundation?

I asked Frank and he had the guts to tell me she is also entittled to the house because she has his kid. But what does this man take me for? Has he forgotten that i keep all the paper work in this house? I need to get myself a lawyer so quick and i will make sure he is left with nothing but a driving permit.

Oh! i forgot, he is a public figure, he can manipulate anything…i need to think fast or i will be left on the streets with my kids. but also he doesnt know that in these few years of marriage i had bought some land on my own and built apartments he doesnt know about, that is a start. But i must fight I cant be stepped on and wasted like this.

This man is driving me crazy, So help me God

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